Domina digitalis, 
N°1 in digital marketing in Lomé (Togo, West Africa)


We help your business go even further in style!

Domina digitalis is a web and digital marketing agency in Lomé (Togo, West Africa).

We put the many years of experience of our experts in the American, European and African markets at the service of your business.


With us :

– offer yourself high-end services at fair prices

– reduce your marketing expenses while increasing your efficiency

– achieve your goals with a master stroke

We do the job with class and precision: that’s why we say “We are snipers”

No matter the size of your business, we can work together to make it even more successful!


 Our web and marketing services

You can no longer continue to invent excuses for yourself not to take advantage of digital. Digital marketing and solutions are essential for the development of any business. From Lomé (Togo, West Africa), Domina digitalis offers very high quality services to companies in Africa, Europe and the United States. Thanks to our deep love for research and quality, today we offer our services from companies to large American companies. We are ready to support you and your success is just the other side of your decision to work with us.

Graphic arts

– Logo + graphic charter

– graphic design

– Illustration

– Motion design

-Digital painting


Digital marketing

– digital strategy

 -production of content

– Online advertising

-Implementation of tracking code

-Consulting in digital strategy

Computer science

– website

– Web and mobile applications

– Creation of professional email addresses


– Video production

– Voice over recording

– Production of instrumentals, melodies

– Spot audio

– Photography


Personalized T-shirt and polo shirt, Calendar, Pen, Mug, Notepad…

Other services

– Thematic training in companies (digital domain)

– Audio-text transcription

They trust us

And many others…